We want to make Foolery fest available to everyone this year!

Whether you have a Compass Card or not families with additional needs can access everything that we have made available this year, we want to make FooleryFest fun for ALL families and are always open to suggestions for further improvements too so please get in touch if you have any of your own.

  • Early opening – The gates will open 30 mins early (11:30am) to help you miss the queues and get settled in.
  • Chillout/Quiet Room – We will have an entire room away from the noise with some sensory toys if you need to get away from it all for a bit.
  • Full Hoist Facilities –  Springboard will be supplying a hoist that will be placed in the new large accessible toilet in the main building, not a port-a-loo!
  • Queue assist – While all activities are free and unlimited, queues do get busy for the bouncy castles. If your child is struggling with this please just show your wristbands to the staff and they will endeavour to accommodated you as soon as possible.
  • Parking – You don’t need a blue badge to park closer.  None of the parking is far from the entrance, but if you need to park closer and don’t have a blue badge please just let the parking people know.
  • Lots of help! –  All the staff at FooleryFest are our friends and family and all are happy to help!  Please just ask any one of them if you need any assistance, even if it’s a push with a chair/buggy across the grass!  Sadly the surface is one thing we can’t change, but we can help make it easier!


If you feel that you would benefit from these facilities you don’t need to qualify in anyway, please just contact us prior to the event, you will receive a wristband at the gate allowing access to all of the above.

We can’t wait to see you!

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