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Relax SEND show are for everyone!

This will be the third year that children’s entertainer and all round funnyman, Tomfoolery, takes to the stage with a Christmas show.

Whilst he’s not complacent, Tom Hunter (the man behind the orange and black striped socks) is aware that many children – and adults – are keen to see his shows, but until now not everyone has been able to fully enjoy the performances.

“I’ve learnt a lot over the years of working with children and now, especially with my involvement with The Springboard Project, I have come to realise that regardless of how approachable I think I am there are lots of young people out there that struggle with the environment I create. This really hit home when I discovered a young man that really enjoyed my shows, but took days to get over the sensory overload that comes with such an event. Young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) still want to enjoy the same Tomfoolery! They just need to process it in a different way to others and their parents want them to do it in an environment where they can all feel relaxed.”

“This year I’ve ensured that one Christmas performances will be SEND friendly. The shows will be the same but among other things, it won’t be so dark in the auditorium, I’ll be holding back on the building of suspense and I’ll be letting everyone know what they can expect to see and when so there are not too many big surprises! There is also a storyboard style video to watch prior to the show, detailing the venue, access, seating and facilities to help families prepare. But most importantly I’m hoping everyone can relax and enjoy the show knowing that this is a SEND performance.”

He added: “I really want all children to be involved and feel included in what I’m doing. I love bringing cheer to children and if there’s anything I can do to make that easier, for the children and their parents, I’m up for it. Abracadabra, beans on toast!”

Get ready for a Tomfoolery show at the Capitol, what this film to familiarise yourself with the theatre.

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