Name:Tom Hunter (AKA Tomfoolery)

Age:Child of the 80's

Strangest place you've done a party:I did a whole party in someone's hallway! I don't think they wanted me in their house! It was a very big hallway though, which helped a bit...

Who would you most like to perform for:The Monty B of course he sounds like such a cool dude!.

Favourite Food:Beans On Toast Of course!

Favourite holiday:Anywhere you can get my campervan or caravan! As long as it is with Mrs Foolery and the Mini Foolery's.

Favourite piece of clothing you own:Has to be my orange and black stripy socks. They're pretty distinctive.

Favourite Music:Any cheesy pop music. I'm a big Steps fan - I met Mrs Foolery at a Steps tribute night! I'm thinking of taking her to a Steps concert for our wedding anniversary one year (don't tell her!).

Favourite cartoon character:Spot the Dog. I've had a cuddly toy Spot since I was six. My son looks after him now.

What's your ultimate ambition:To do a one man show at the 02. That would be amazing.

Do you have a motto:The future's bright, the future's orange and black stripes!

Tell us more about yourself:I've been entertaining children for over 10 years at parties and corporate events and have recently launched my own one man stage show, which is great fun. When I'm not entertaining children on stage, I'm a pretty well-known figure on the kid's party circuit.

I'm working on some great projects at the moment, which I can't wait for other people to see!

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