What can I expect?

Sit back, Tomfoolery will take care of everything!

Whatever your theme or location, Tom always arrives 30 minutes prior to the start time to get set up and acquainted with the birthday boy or girl. You don’t need to supply anything as Tom comes fully self-contained, complete with music system, props for games and magic ! The only thing he does require, (other than a little milk in my coffee, where possible!) is a standard 13amp plug socket.

Each party varies slightly, depending on theme, age, location, wind direction, what he had for breakfast, solar movements etc but generally, in a two hour party, you can expect the following:

  • First five minutes of meet and greet (especially important for the 3-4 yr olds)
  • Once everyone is acquainted the first hour is full of party games, dancing, plenty of silliness and maybe a visit from Daisy the mouse!
  • All games are fully inclusive (no sitting out) and the only person that loses is TOMFOOLERY!
  • While the kids break for tea Tom keeps the atmosphere going with silly jokes and magic around the table
  • After tea and cake it’s time for the magic show, where the birthday child can help Tom if they so choose!

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